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Nolan Hill - Calgary, AB

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DDS manufactures precast concrete fences at both our Calgary, Alberta and Winnipeg, Manitoba locations. We service the areas of: interior British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

Beautiful, Concrete Fence Walls That Last a Lifetime

DDS Fence Walls are designed for commercial, residential and industrial applications. The fence walls maybe used for security, perimeter, safety, privacy, sound barriers, decorative estate enclosures, homeowner association replacement fences, retaining walls and many other applications as desired. The versatility of the DDS Fence Wall System allows for different appearances of many choices of textures and colours. Our precast concrete fence wall systems are produced with the highest quality materials and workmanship of any comparable products in the marketplace.

DDS Precast Concrete Fence Walls are produced from DDS Forming Systems which provides texture on both sides of the wall. The fence walls are the easiest to install, the most durable and attractive in comparison to any similar system on the market. When choosing a DDS Fence Wall for your project, a statement of quality and excellence is made that lasts a lifetime.

Valley Point (5.5 meters high)  Calgary, Alberta Morena West 2.4 meters  Calgary, Alberta

Valley Point (5.5 meters high)
Calgary, Alberta

Morena West 2.4 meters
Calgary, Alberta

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