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Enmax Substation Fence

Utility and Substation Walls
Precast Concrete Walls and Fences for Utility Substations

Whether your project requires a security wall for enhanced protection, a sound wall for commercial noise abatement, or a decorative screen wall, using the DDS Concrete Wall System offers a number of benefits over other security fence applications.

  • Utility - Substation Wall Concrete Utility / Substation Fence Walls provide a permanent replacement for the inferior chain link fencing, mitigating perimeter point of access vulnerabilities.
  • Concrete Utility / Substation Fence Walls provide a visual and robust security screen and sound barrier not afforded to chain link or wrought iron security fencing products.
  • Concrete Utility / Substation Walls can be engineered to meet the UL 752 level 4 bullet resistant specification; a definite consideration given the hazards pointed out by the DHS at critical asset sites with which we have been involved.
  • DDS Concrete Utility / Substation Walls may offset other security cost, reducing the need for special security personnel or equipment to maintain reliable operations.

A number of Energy Companies, including Manitoba Hydra and ENMAX, are utilizing Concrete Utility / Substation Fencing to upgrade the physical security barriers at their sensitive or critical asset sites and electrical substations throughout the west.

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