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Precast Concrete Fences: Why Precast Concrete Fence Walls Make Sense

DDS Fence Walls consist of high quality precast concrete fencing utilizing natural stone and architectural formed finishes resulting in a long lasting and multi purpose system.

StoneTree™ concrete fence wall systems were developed in 1999 in order to satisfy a need in the marketplace for a full precast concrete panel with a formed textured appearance on both sides of the wall. The StoneTree™ concrete fence wall system was the first product to accomplish this task. Later developments incorporated the combining of the column and panel resulting in the proprietary Combo-Cast™ technology. The ongoing developments of the StoneTree™ concrete fence wall system continued to include a rigid footing support using a steel beam which provided enhanced engineering design resulting in the safest column-footing connection. Concrete fence walls with a separate column and panel fence use a rebar and grouted cell connection.

DDS concrete fence wall systems also incorporate highly defined textured form liners which capture the natural detail and textures of a variety of stone designs yielding the authentic appearance one would expect from a hand laid wall. For special projects requiring a distinctive stand alone appearance, custom designed form liners may also be developed.

Engineered for Strength

Patented Panel and Column Design, with the Rigid Footing Support System located at the center of the column, results in added strength, stability and safety with the ultimate reassurance against failure. The wall and column segments are supported by 100 mm steel I-beams, engineered to withstand a 145 kmh wind load in most areas, and meet or exceed local building codes, including seismic activity.

We offer site specific engineering. The StoneTree™ design is approved by the City of Calgary.

Simple Installation

Our one piece panel/column construction takes less than half the time to install than traditional two piece or stackable panel and column systems. The rigid footing support gives the wall greater stability during thefence installation process, which increases safety, aligns the fence during construction and increases the overall strength of the installation.

About DDS Fences System

The unique installation process and revolutionary design of the DDS System will change your mind about concrete fence walls. DDS one piece panel/column construction takes less than half the time to install than traditional two piece or stackable panel and column systems. While easy to install, easy to maintain, yet remaining stable and durable, the DDS fence wall system offers all the best features of the other fence wall systems available today.

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Calgary, Alberta

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